From Afar


A raven came to me,

Spoke to me in my dream.

A long lost prophecy,

A forgotten legacy.

Echoes of yesterday,

Won’t let these dreams fade away.

All the beauty I adored,

At the edge of the world.

Across the universe,

Time is to be reversed.

No shelter can be found,

To this fate, we are bound!

Behold the final hour,

The last times will be dour.

All life falls into gorge

Of the end of the world!

Walk With Me In Hell


Pray for blood

Pray for the cleansing

Pray for the flood

Pray for the end of this nightmare

This lie of a life came as quickly as it can dissolve

We seek only reprieve

And welcome the darkness

The myth of a meaning, so lost and forgotten

Take hold of my hand

For you are no longer alone

Walk with me in hell